Can You Guess Who Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti Left Off His Friendlies Squad?

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Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti just shared the list of players for Mexico’s friendly games against Trinidad & Tobago and Argentina, and some key players seem to be missing. The Dos Santos brothers, Gio and Jonathan, along with 2014 sensation goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa have all been left out of the squad.

This could be so all three players don’t get distracted from their club play and can consolidate quickly on their teams, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Giovani and Jonathan laughed at Christian Martinoli and supported El Piojo on Twitter when he punched the Mexican reporter in the widely-reported and now infamous incident. Guillermo Ochoa was reported to have been laughing at Martinoli and El Piojo’s actions, according to former soccer player and TV host Luis García.

So is it a coincidence that they’ve been left out? We think not. Tuca is here to discipline players and put an end diva attitudes as much as possible.

But the question remains. How serious is the exclusion of the Dos Santos brothers and Ochoa? With the most important game taking place on October 13 against the U.S., only then will we really know.