WATCH: Canelo Álvarez and Caleb Plant Have Wholesome Conversation After Their Fight

Lead Photo: Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.
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There seemed to be a lot of bad blood between Canelo Álvarez and Caleb Plant leading up to their championship boxing match where Álvarez became the undisputed champion of the world. This recently released video, however, might be proof that it’s all water under the bridge.

In the video, Álvarez is seen walking up to Plant after the fight and telling him, “You’re a good fighter.” Álvarez scored an 11th round TKO over Plant on November 6 to capture his fourth super middleweight title. Plant responded to the compliment by saying, “I’m sad.”

Álvarez continued to show his respect for his opponent by telling him that he has nothing to be ashamed about. “You are a great fighter, man. And I’m sorry for everything, but at the end of the day, we are men, and we are human. I’m sorry for everything.”

Plant then tried to explain to Álvarez that when he called him a “mother***er” during a press conference in September, he didn’t mean it in a literal sense. “I would never talk about your mother because I don’t have a mother,” Plant said. “My mom died.”

Álvarez then told Plant that he has “a really good and beautiful family” and ended the night by telling him “You are my family.” and sharing an embrace.

Many people who have seen the video agreed that it was a class act by Álvarez to give his respects as an athlete to Plant and for Plant to seem to be humbled by the interaction.



Pre-fight theatrics always help with ticket and PPV sales, but let’s hope these two fighters remember that there are more important things than boxing matches – especially if they end up facing off in the ring again in the future.