Chicharito and David De Gea Share the World’s Most Beautiful Bromance

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Okay. This is officially the most heartmelting interview I’ve seen in a very long time – maybe ever.

Today, David De Gea opened up on ESPN Deportes’ Fuera de Juego about his friendship with Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, and it’s obvious that the two share what could easily be described as the greatest friendship ever. I’m talking ideal, dreamworld friendship.

“He’s a very good friend, we last spoke two or three days ago. We’re in touch a lot. He does well on whatever team he’s at,” said De Gea. “I miss him a lot at Manchester. We were always together, in everything. He’s a very good friend of mine. We went out to eat, played Playstation; I went to his house, he came to mine. Our families get along well too. His parents would cook Mexican food; my family would cook too – typical Spanish meals.” Oh come on.

Not only did he go into great depth about the intricacies of their incredible bromance, De Gea also defended his former teammate by questioning Louis van Gaal’s decision to transfer Chicharito to Bayer Leverkusen, where he currently has a staggering eight goals in 13 appearances (enough to get José Mourinho interested in bringing him to London).

“I don’t know. These are decisions for the coach. But on my team, he’d always play.” (???) “He was an undisputed starter before and Player of the Year at United. He can get you 20, 30 goals a season. I’d like to play with him again, a lot. Hopefully it can happen.”

That’s right – you’d never guess that Chicharito scored 20 goals and was voted club Player of the Year en route to an EPL title and UCL final by the way he was treated towards the end of his United stint. He was a legend from the get-go, but then, things started going south.

“It is difficult for him, for any player, to play little,” De Gea went on. “Then when he came on, he scored. I learned from him when I came to Manchester. He’s a hard worker, always first to training and last to leave. He doesn’t relax if he’s not playing; [he] keeps working hard.”

We love you, Chicharo. And we might just love your bromance even more.