Chicharito Thanked Pretty Much Everyone but van Gaal in His Farewell Message to Manchester United

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Javier “Chicharito” Hernández just signed a three-year deal with German club and Champions League participant Bayer Leverkeusen. Although the Mexican striker seems very happy about the move, he proved his mama taught him well and thanked almost all (*cough cough* not van Gaal) the people that were part of his Manchester United experience.

I want to thank Sir Alex Ferguson & Jim Lawlor, the club staff, all the players I played with; but specially I want to thank all the Manchester United fans in the UK and all around the world for the incredible support I’ve had this past 4 years and all the best wishes they have for me in my new chapter!! #MUFC #GGMU #2premierleagues #19&20 #60goals #85starts #thankyou •••••••••••••• Quiero agradecer a Sir Alex Ferguson & Jim Lawlor, al staff del club, a los jugadores con los que estuve pero especialmente a todos los fans del Manchester United en Inglaterra y alrededor del mundo por el increíble apoyo que me mostraron en los pasados 4 años y sus buenos deseos para mi nuevo capítulo futbolístico! #MUFC #GGMU #2premierleagues #19&20 #60goles #85partidoscomotitular #gracias

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The German team paid close to $14 million USD for the Mexican striker, and officially became Chicharito’s fourth professional team. Hernández, who at an early point in his career was close to retiring, can now boast to have played in the three best soccer leagues in the world.

Chicharito was especially thankful for his United fans, who were always there for him in his up-and-downs. Even now that he’s leaving, Red Devil fans have demonstrated their support through social media, showing that there was always love for the Mexican player at Old Trafford Stadium.

He also acknowledged former manager Alex Ferguson and Jim Lawlor, the chief scout that brought him to England.

Two days and the same amount of training sessions after his arrival in Germany, Chicharito played his first match with the new team, a friendly in which Leverkeusen unfortunately lost 0-2 and where Chicharito played for 73 minutes and had a clear shot at goal. Chicharito might have missed that shot, but if given enough minutes on the field – which he has been missing over the last few seasons – he will undoubtedly come back as the Chicha we have all seen: a smart and quick player, with an impressive ability to know where the ball will go before anyone else does.