Chicharito Reaches Peak Cute Levels With His Gift for a 6-Year-Old Fan

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As if we needed more reasons to love Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, he’s once again proved that he’s up there on our list of favorite fútbolistas.

After Mexico’s historic 2-0 win in Honduras, a small gesture from the Mexican international proved immense as a powerful example of humility (and essentially of all that’s good in the world of fútbol). Six-year-old Raúl Mayorga – an aspiring U-8 with dreams of one day playing like Chicharito – and his older brother José Orlando approached the legend and asked for a quick picture. A hug and an “I want to be like you, Chicharito,” left our dude feeling some kinda way. So he whipped open his bag and handed the young fan his jersey.

The boys’ dad recounted the story to Diario Diez de Honduras: “Suddenly my son Raúl thanks him for the photo and Chicharito crouches down, opens his backpack, and says, ‘Take this shirt as a gift, enjoy it, and when you’re famous you can give me one of yours and tell everyone, ‘Chicharito gave me one when I was a boy!’”

A day that young boy will remember forever. Chicharito, we dare you to be a sweeter dude. Between this, your bromance with De Gea, and your stellar form with Bayer Leverkusen, we just can’t get enough of you.