Copa América Centenario Organizers Confused Tico Player Joel Campbell For Colombian Juan Cuadrado

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It must be silly season at the Copa América Centenario, right? Goals have been at a premium in the first match. The sparkle and the passion is somewhat lacking at times. Brazil and reigning champions disappointed. Argentina impressed and Mexico got off to a good start.

All in all, it’s a bit meager so far, but at least the organizers of the Copa América can keep us entertained. They have committed one howler and gaffe after the other, in a slapstick roller coaster, ill-befitting of a major international tournament.

This time around, Copa organizers confused Tico player Joel Campbell with Colombia player Juan Cuadrado. In a promotional image for the Costa Rica vs USA group game, the organization depicted both Clint Dempsey and Joel Campbell, with the Tico player getting the name tag of Cuadrado.


It’s kind of hard to get the two players mixed up. Cuadrado plays in a vibrant yellow shirt with short dreads. Campbell is a bit smaller in posture and plays in a red shirt. It can’t be that hard to keep those two apart, surely?

But we understand? Things have been hard for the organizers, who have been erring over plenty of details. Uruguay’s anthem is not the Chilean one. A Pitbull song is not a national anthem either.

Someone get the organizers a new players guide, a national anthem explainer and a new DJ, please!