MLB Celebrates Latin Baseball Culture in Campaign with Marcello Hernández & Myke Towers

Lead Photo: MLB

MLB is celebrating baseball in a new campaign featuring SNL’s Marcello Hernández and singer Myke Towers. It was produced in conjunction with Remezcla Creative Agency.

The campaign, titled “El Béisbol es Otra Cosa” or “Baseball is Something Else” also features many of the game’s biggest Latino stars, like Francisco Lindor, Elly De La Cruz, Randy Arozarena and Jordan Alvarez, and includes highlights of the nine different Latin American countries represented in the Major Leagues.

In the video, Hernández says “Baseball is a sport, but to be honest, for us baseball is something else” as images of different baseball players appear on the screen. He then throws a ball to Towers who continues saying “Baseball is a corrido, a dembow, and a booming reggaeton.” The images continue to play in the background as he speaks. “It’s a boom and a bang, sounds that don’t need subtitles or translations.”

Towers, however doesn’t actually say boom or bang. He says plákata and fuácata, or you know, how we’d say it in Spanish. The video continues with the two explaining why baseball is “otra cosa” over images of Latino baseball players. The content is set to be updated with highlights throughout the season, including the All-Star Game, and Players Weekend. Other talent featured includes celebrity chef Jesus Diaz-Yisus, youth correspondent Jazlyn “Jazzy” Guerra, artist Rob the Original and Hall of Famer Vladmir Guerrero.

“MLB’s depth of internationally born players provides an enormous opportunity to reach fans with cultural connections globally and domestically,” Karin Timpone, Chief Marketing Officer for Major League Baseball said. “The League is committed to celebrating the diversity of the sport in a way that resonates with the unique cultures that represent our game.”