WATCH: Marcello Hernández Reveals What His Mom Thinks About Pedro Pascal Playing His Protective Mom on ‘SNL’

Lead Photo: NBC
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Marcello Hernández is a mama’s boy – and we love it! Last week, the Saturday Night Live featured player made an appearance on Today where he talked about his family and how things are going on his second season on SNL.

During the segment, Today host Al Roker asked Hernández what his mom, Isabel, thought about the two “Protective Mom” skits he was in where Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us) played his mamá. The first skit happened in February 2023 when Pascal was hosting. The second skit happened eight months later when Bad Bunny was the host and musical guest, and Pascal showed up for a cameo.

“She has a great sense of humor, thank God,” Hernández said. “She loves Pedro. She’s a big TV watcher, so she knows about all these people.”

The Today hosts started giggling when clips of the skits showed up on screen during the interview.

“That’s not what my mom looks like at all,” Hernández said. “The attitude was there. Pedro did such a good job. It was actually his idea coming into the show to do a sketch where he’s my mom, and [I] bring a girl home and he has this attitude. So, I’m very grateful [to] Pedro for that.”

Hernández also talked about his experience getting Bad Bunny to say English phrases like “side chick” on SNL and what it was like being in Benito’s music video for the song “NO ME QUIERO CASAR.” “He’s just so cool and so creative,” Hernández said. “When I went to his video shoot, I was like, ‘I’m yours.’”

In addition to that, Hernández was also featured in a Behind the Sketch segment for SNL, where he talked about how tight the turnaround for Protective Mom 2 was and how Bad Bunny was eager and ready to play his tía.

Watch Marcello Hernández on Today below.