From Manchester to Madrid: Neymar’s Uncertain Futbol Future

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Neymar to Manchester United? Nope. Tried and failed.

Neymar to Manchester City? Neymar to Real Madrid? No, that must be some sort of sick joke. Florentino, you can’t seriously be “obsessed” with transferring the Barça star to Madrid? FFS.

There are transfer rumors galore, but there’s also some positive and hopeful news, Barça fans! President Josep Maria Bartomeu has spoken openly with Mundo Deportivo about Neymar’s future, stating that the club expects the Brazilian forward to renew his contract at the end of the season.

“We’re now focused on the end of the season and the competitions, though I think it would be good if [Neymar’s renewal] was done towards the end of the season so as not to be distracted,” he explained. “Barça wants Neymar to retire here and he is happy at the club, in the city, with his teammates, so hopefully he stays until he retires.”

It’s hard to argue against Neymar’s happiness, given his recent run of form (Exhibit A), but why oh why have there been so many rumors, if he’s truly dead set on staying with the club? It seems like this is nothing more than a selfish attempt to earn a better contract with his current all-star squad. Why else would Neymar so openly admit that other clubs are interested? He was even quoted as saying, “I don’t know, life is long,” when asked about ruling out a move away from the Camp Nou. Really dude? Do you realize the suffering you’re putting your diehard fanbase through day in and day out with these nonchalant comments? Such is life, I suppose. At least Bartomeu is confident.