Neymar’s Friend Crush on Steph Curry Continues to Blossom

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Neymar and Golden State Warriors’ stud Steph Curry have some striking similarities: They both enjoy winning. A lot. They both enjoy scoring. Maybe even more.

And now, they have a similar sense of (hair)style.

Neymar has always made news for his hair decisions, and if you’ve been keeping track of his recent looks (many of which can be found here, with tutorials) you may have noticed his desire to inch one step closer to his idol with a similar Steph style.

According to Brazilian TV network Globo, Ney switched his hairstyle up to look like Steph back in December. “I hadn’t changed my hairstyle since 2009,” he said. “Steph Curry style.”

This isn’t the only thing that’s got us noticing this budding bromance. In honor of Steph’s 28th birthday yesterday (March 14th), Neymar paid tribute to his basketball buddy with the below Instagram post.

We’re on board for this one. Chicharito and David De Gea, watch your backs.