It’s Official: Mexico’s National Soccer Federation Fires El Piojo Herrera After He Attacked a Journalist

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After the rampant speculation that has dominated social media all morning, officials from the Mexican Federation of Fútbol (Femexfut) have officially announced Miguel Herrera’s firing as the coach of Mexico’s national team. In a press conference, they announced the end of El Piojo’s era, following a summit to draw a new road map for the future of El Tricolor.

“La afición mexicana merece respeto y figuras íntegras que representen al futbol nacional. He tomado la decisión de separar a Miguel Herrera de la Selección Nacional,” said Decio de Maria.

El Piojo became the first Mexican coach to get fired after obtaining a title, but he’s the eighth coach for Mexico’s National Team in less than ten years.

Officials pointed to a violation of the Femexfut code of ethics as justification to boot El Piojo Herrera after he punched popular TV Azteca commentator Christian Martinoli at the Philadelphia airport.

There are many candidates for the vacancy El Piojo leaves behind; the frontrunner is Brazilian Ricardo Ferretti, who is disputing the Copa Libertadores final with Tigres.

Many believe it will be Gustavo Matosas, Atlas’ current coach, or Portuguese Pedro Caixinha from Santos.

Mexico has a game coming on October 9th against the United States that awards a spot on the Confederations Cup, so the replacement will have to come fast.

We’ll be following the story, so stay tuned for updates.

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