Rey Mysterio and The Dream Team Won the First Lucha Libre World Cup

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The first Lucha Libre World Cup was held last Sunday in Mexico City and it was mad emotional. Rey Mysterio and The Dream Team won the tournament and dedicated the win to El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, the luchador who was tragically killed by Mysterio’s flying kick during a match a couple of months ago.

In a dramatic final that went into overtime against Team TNA/Lucha Underground (made up of Americans Matt Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and Jhonny Mundo), it was Rey Mysterio who finally ended the bout by pinning Jhonny Mundo with the rana position.

The Dream Team
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The Lucha Libre World Cup consisted of eight three-man teams from different countries, wrestling each other in single elimination bouts; quarterfinal, semifinal, and final. Three Mexican teams, two US teams, two Japanese teams, and one ‘World’ team, all fought for the title that was finally obtained by the Dream Team, made up of Mexican fighers Myzteziz, Patron Alberto, and Rey Mysterio.

This was the second bout for Rey Mysterio since the tragic death of El Hijo del Perro Aguayo in Tijuana.