Sepp Blatter to Be Provisionally Suspended For 90 Days #ByeSepp

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Two weeks ago, the Swiss attorney general (OAG) opened criminal proceedings against Sepp Blatter. We all rejoiced.

Now, a second round of miserable news is reaching the outrageously corrupt FIFA prez, since it looks like he’ll be facing a 90-day “provisional suspension” set to last until early January 2016, just a month and a half before the February 26 elections.

You can’t help but yell “YEEEEES!” upon hearing this news (while also naturally questioning if this is enough given the magnitude and reach of FIFA’s corruption).

The suspension was recommended by members of FIFA’s ethics committee in light of ongoing OAG investigations. Blatter’s lawyers released the following statement regarding the sanction:

Some people are reporting that the suspension has already been finalized, while others are writing that a decision will likely be made and/or announced by Thursday or Friday. Joachim Eckhert, the head of FIFA’s ethics adjudicatory chamber, will have the honors.

In the meantime, check out these spectacular FIFA scandal collection cards, courtesy of CNN: