Luis Suárez Bet a Hamburger That Neymar Wouldn’t Warm Up With Him

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Luis Suárez’s long-awaited return to the Uruguayan national team is finally upon us: Friday, March 25 marks La Celeste’s huge CONMEBOL 2018 World Cup qualifier against Neymar and Brazil. It’s been a year and a half since El Pistolero played for his country – June 24, 2014 to be exact, the day he bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini – and his return has been a long time coming.

Suárez has grown quite a bit in his international lull, something that we became acutely aware of in light of a recent bet between him and club teammate and current country foe Neymar: Luisito has made a move towards biting into delicious burgers rather than his opponents!

Apparently, Suárez bet Ney that he wouldn’t dare warm up with him (something they always do together with Barcelona) ahead of their countries’ Friday night showdown. What’s on the line for the two millionaires? A hamburger. Yep, you read that right.

“I’ve bet a hamburger with Neymar, whoever loses has to pay, of course,” said Suárez.

“Neymar is a very good teammate, we are always joking at Barça,” he went on. “Above all, we are teammates and I’m sure that whoever wins will celebrate and whoever loses will receive the support of the other.”

Who you got? Loser buys the hamburgers. ? ?