Tears, Goals, and Assists: Chicharito and Layún Are Killing It

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Is Chicharito’s pre-match praying ritual working again?

What about all those self-help books Miguel Layún seems to be reading, exemplified by his always positive tweets?

I don’t know, but something is definitely happening.

After spending a somewhat terrible year on Real Madrid, and a pretty sad pre-season with Manchester United, Javier “Chicharito” Hernández seems to have been touched with the grace of God once again, because he has scored in the last six games, his all-time personal record.

Chicharito again

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Hernández is only two games away from equaling Hugo Sanchez’s record of scoring in eight consecutive games, and that’s saying a lot, given that HuGol is the best Mexican player in history.

Because his recent success has relieved the pressure he’s facing, the Tapatío got emotional and even cried a bit during an interview with Mexican journalist León Krauze while remembering the tough times in his career.

Living with a similarly positive outlook (and eternal smile) is Miguel Layún. The former América player loves tweeting motivational phrases, and it’s apparently working.

After scoring in Porto’s Champions League victory last week, the Mexican left back did it again during this weekend’s league match. Layún gave the assist that opened the score, and then sealed the deal with a 2-0 win.

I admit I was once a Layún hater, but hey, people change.