WATCH: Did Lionel Messi ‘Disrespect’ Mexico? Canelo Álvarez Thinks So After This Video

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Canelo Álvarez was very upset after Argentina’s 2-0 win over Mexico. But his anger wasn’t directed at the result, or the Mexican team’s poor performance, but at Lionel Messi. Álvarez took to social media after the game and criticized the Argentinian for actions seen in a video of the team celebrating the win posted by Argentinian defender Nicolás Otamendi on Instagram.

In the video, Messi can be seen chanting as the camera pans around the room. Later, Messi sits down and kicks something on the floor, a Mexican National Team shirt, apparently in an effort to remove his cleat. The Argentinian doesn’t really linger on what he’s pushing out of the way, and the celebration continues. But it was enough for Canelo to feel disrespected, and to come after Messi on social media and warn him by saying, “Que le pida a Dios que no me lo encuentre!! 👊🏻👊🏻🤬🔥.”

Álvarez also went on to say that he respected Argentina and that the sentiment should be returned. “Así como respeto Argentina tiene que respetar mexico!! no hablo del país(argentina) hablo de messi por su mamada que hizo. 👊🏻🔥”

And then it spiraled from there once people on the internet started responding to Álvarez.

For some, it’s a sign of disrespect from Messi, who at the very least should be more aware, even in the midst of his celebration. 

For others, it is a ridiculous assertion, as Messi doesn’t even seem to notice what’s on the floor.


Others took this as an opportunity to joke and pull out the memes, because if the internet can be counted on for something, it’s that.

And because the internet never forgets, there’s even a video of a very sweet exchange between Messi and the son of Andrés Guardado, the Mexican player who Messi exchanged shirts with. 

That should put the controversy between Canelo Álvarez and Lionel Messi to rest, right? Well, probably not. This is fútbol, after all.