In the cover story for the latest issue of Interview Magazine, Solange and Beyoncé Knowles bless us with another taste of their love for Selena. Beyoncé asks her sister about everything from Missy Elliott’s identity as a producer to her memories of growing up in Houston surrounded by music in the conversation. It’s a rich and insightful interview that reveals much about the sisters’ childhood inspirations and their commitment to celebrating black womanhood. But in a rapid-fire round of questions that closes the interview, Queen B asks her sister an impossible question for any Selena devotee:

“BEYONCÉ: ‘No Me Queda Más’ or ‘I Could Fall in Love’?

SOLANGE: This is so unfair! ‘No Me Queda Más.’”

Solange’s selection of a Spanish-language song – versus Selena’s English-language tracks, which are more widely known among Anglo audiences – is proof the A Seat at the Table singer rides hard for Quintanilla. (Honestly, shout out to Yoncé for asking the hard questions in her alternate life as a journalist).

The Knowles sisters are longtime fans of la reina, something they’ve been vocal about throughout their careers. When Solange toured in support of 2012’s True EP, she regularly performed covers of “I Could Fall in Love.”

Back in 2007, Beyoncé cited her love of Selena (and her best friend Barbara, a Chicana) as motivation for learning to sing in Spanish. It’s a testament to Selena’s inimitable legacy, and proof that Texas still celebrates the iconic singer.

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