Cardi B is still basking in the success from the release of her debut album Invasion of Privacy, her epic pregnancy reveal, and her SNL performance, but that doesn’t mean she’s anywhere close to taking a break. Last night, she made history as the first co-host of The Tonight Show, and as she pointed out in the monologue, she’s the first late night co-host that isn’t a white man. During the historic appearance, she gave a debut performance of album cut “Money Bag,” explained the meaning behind her catchphrases, and even interviewed comedian John Mulaney.

But in one of the most underrated segments of the show, Jimmy Fallon called a random member of the studio audience to the stage so the Trinidadian-Dominican rapper could record a custom voicemail greeting for him. The lucky recipient was Angel from The Bronx. Cardi easily guesses he’s Puerto Rican – “Are you Puerto Rican? I know like 10 Puerto Rican Angels,” she quips – and suggests he looks like Drake (though tbh, I thought we all knew Drizzy is Dominican). Fallon asks Angel what he likes to do in his free time, and Angel explains that he loves dancing “merengue, bachata, reggaeton – ya tu sabe.” In an uncomfortable testament to his whiteness, Jimmy stumbles through his pronunciation of the genres with some awkward mumbling and sound effects. The bit starts at 2:40.

Eventually, Cardi records the greeting, and Angel suggests they should get some chimichurri while hanging on 33rd Street. Watch the full segment below, if you can make it through Fallon’s cringeworthy pronunciation.