Karol G Foundation Kicks Off Con Cora Tour in Colombia — Here’s Everything We Know

Lead Photo: Con Cora Foundation
Con Cora Foundation
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Karol G has officially kicked off her “Con Cora Tour,” and the first stop she made was to the city of Ibagué, Colombia, where she performed for hundreds of women inside the Complejo Carcelario y Penitenciario de Ibagué (Ibagué’s Prison and Penitentiary Complex).

The Con Cora Tour is named after Karol G’s nonprofit, the Con Cora Foundation. The mission of her organization is to empower women and improve their lives by promoting positive behavior and increasing their confidence, skills and self-esteem.

The tour will see the foundation going to different parts of Colombia to bring “joy, entertainment, and support to vulnerable populations.” According to a press release, the Con Cora Foundation will visit hospitals and correctional facilities across Karol G’s home country. It will also conduct an infrastructure analysis to identify needs and provide assistance where possible.

“We are very proud to embark on this Con Cora Tour inspired by the social mission of our founder Karol G and to bring light and hope to vulnerable communities,” Valentina Bueno, Director of the Con Cora Foundation, said in a statement.

After her concert in Ibagué, Karol G donated much-needed water tanks and fans to the facility.

Earlier this month, the Con Cora Foundation formed its first long-term partnership outside Colombia. The alliance was with Mesa de Mujeres Miami and their project, Madres Migrando en Bienestar (Mothers Migrating in Well-being), which supports migrant mothers in South Florida.

According to the foundation, it is focused on creating and supporting projects that are sustainable over time, which include arts and education.