Make America Grate Again: Artist Creates a Cotija Cheese Wall to Satirize Border Wall

Lead Photo: Photo by Alan Shaffer
Photo by Alan Shaffer
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Since President Donald Trump launched his campaign, several artists and activists have attempted to build him the border wall he so desperately wants. There was the teeny tiny border wall surrounding his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Or the human wall that Mijente built outside of the Republic National Convention in Cleveland. Now, an Italian-Canadian artist is creating a wall made of blocks of cotija cheese to protest Trump’s racist structure.

“I don’t like walls,” Cosimo Cavallaro said in a video promoting the project. “This is a wall that I’m willing to with. Because this wall is a perishable – it will not last.”

The wall is located in Tecate, California, about 45 feet away from the existing border fence. Because each block of cheese costs about $100, Cavallaro is raising money on GoFundMe to make the wall as long as possible, though he has also received expired cheese from some producers in Michoacán. So far he has 200 blocks of cheese, but he hopes to have 9,000 blocks to create a 1,000-foot wall.

He’s also selling merchandise – including tees that say “Make America Grate Again – to raise money for Art Above Ground, a nonprofit that backs artists who use art to challenge social conventions.

Watch Cavallaro build the wall below.