Meet Viva La Bonita, the Streetwear Brand Serving Up Espooky Apparel in Time for Halloween

Lead Photo: Products from Viva La Bonita; Collage Art by Stephany Torres
Products from Viva La Bonita; Collage Art by Stephany Torres
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Viva La Bonita is a lifestyle brand that focuses on highlighting and empowering all mujeres in our communities through its apparel and community. Created by Rachel Gomez, this Latina-owned business owner wanted to create a luxury brand that focused on one of the most important parts of Latine fashion: streetwear. 

According to an interview Gomez did with Refinery29, starting with streetwear makes sense because of the sense of identity we have gleaned from that style. “Streetwear, to me, is a form of identity…[it’s how] so many of us express ourselves.”

And while we’re feeling her “Allergic to Pendejas” and “Diosa Energy” graphic tees, it’s her “Espooky” collection that speaks to those of us who find ourselves over the moon about the start of October and the spooky vibes that infiltrate our lives for the month (and longer, tbh.)

The Espooky collection includes several apparel items highlighting the season with that Latine flare.

Ghouls and pumpkins wearing big gold hoop earrings. Skeleton hands rock “BONITA” gold rings. And you can even get a hoodie that says, “Little Miss, Espooky Season is Life.” The designs come on tshirts, hoodies, sweaters, and totes in the Halloween holiday colors orange, black, and purple.

Basically, the collection is perfect for that espooky chingona in your life.

It’s important to note that Gomez wants her brand of luxurious and affordable streetwear to prove that Latine people can take space in any industry they choose. But it’s equally as important to Gomez that she is also spreading the message that you can do anything you set your mind to and that no dream is too big.

This can be seen on the Viva La Bonita blog. In one entry she writes a love letter “to give you a reminder that sometimes you wanna cry, but got sh*t to do […] Sometimes we need a little reminder that everything will be ok. I hope if you feel that today, that this letter reaches out to you, gives you a long warm hug, reminds you to smile, and keep growing through it. You are a Chingona, and no problem is too big for you. You got this, Mija.”