Did Niurka Criticize Christian Nodal’s Tattoos & Tell Belinda to Keep the Ring?

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Niurka had something to say about Christian Nodal and Belinda’s breakup, and she didn’t seem too shy to say it.

According to reports, the 54-year-old singer allegedly criticized the tattoos Nodal got during his relationship with Belinda – a relationship that ended earlier this month. She went on to say, “What did you think, that a tattoo of that kind was going to make her [Belinda] feel like it was a big commitment, so big that she would never leave you?” She followed that by allegedly calling him a “pendejo.”

Last week, photo evidence that Nodal had covered up one of his tattoos surfaced from a concert in Costa Rica. From our vantage point, his “Beli” tattoo near his right ear was modified into the four suits in a deck of playing cards – a heart, a diamond, a club, and a spade.

Fans are still wondering (and facetiously suggesting) what he’s going to do about the other tattoos he has that honor his ex-fiancée, including one of her eyes on his chest and the name of her second studio album, Utopia, on his forehead. We’re surprised Niurka didn’t offer her opinion on the matter when she made her initial criticism. Who is she to say how anyone chooses to mark their own body anyway? It’s a personal decision and something Nodal wanted to do at the time.

Niurka also offered some advice to Belinda about the engagement ring Christian Nodal gave her when he proposed last year. The ring is said to be worth approximately $3 million. Niurka said she should keep it.

“Don’t give it back,” Niurka allegedly also said, “Don’t give him anything back.”