Here’s How Christian Nodal Covered Up His Belinda Face Tattoo

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Universal Music
Courtesy of Universal Music
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One tattoo down and a few more to go for singer Christian Nodal. Photos of Nodal from the stage of a recent concert in Costa Rica show proof that he’s covered up his “Beli” tattoo near his right ear. The tattoo referenced his ex-fiancée, singer, and songwriter Belinda.

The four letters have now been modified into the four suits in a deck of playing cards – a heart, a diamond, a club, and a spade. (At least that’s what it looks like from our vantage point.)

On February 12, Nodal officially announced the couple’s breakup on social media. “To all of my fans and press friends, I want to share that we’ve decided to end our engagement and our relationship,” Nodal wrote.

The internet was quick to offer suggestions on what they thought Nodal should do about his Belinda tattoos. Along with the tattoo near his ear that is now gone, he has Belinda’s eyes tattooed on his chest and the name of her second studio album, Utopia, on his forehead.

The tattoo drama isn’t the only aftereffect of Christian Nodal and Belinda’s split. Nodal’s mother, Cristy Nodal, deleted all the photos of Belinda from her Instagram page just like her son had done last year. Some are saying Cristy didn’t like the couple’s nine-year age difference.

Last week, Belinda posted her own statement on the breakup thanking her fans for their “unconditional love and support.” Belinda added that it is time for a “new stage” in her life to begin.