This Colombian Illustrator’s Project Places Icons Alongside Their Younger Selves

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While I always picture Paul McCartney more as the adorable older man who just happens to be bffs with RiRi and Kanye West, I’m aware that he was once considered a sex symbol. (More proof: Pretty much all the Urban Dictionary entries for Paul McCartney seem to focus on his back-in-the-day hotness.) Colombian illustrator Fulvio Alejandro aka Fulaleo started a new project called Yo & Mi Otro Yo that places famous people along side their younger selves in one illustration. Each person wears a shirt that represents who they are – young McCartney, for example, wears a shirt that bears his late wife Linda’s name. Meanwhile, today’s McCartney wears a shirt with John Lennon’s face. In some ways, the illustration style is reminiscent of Chilean artist Fab Ciraolo’s contemporary re-imaginings of historical icons (the Frida in a Daft Punk illustration has made its way all over the internet).

“I was inspired after seeing photograph of my cousin made up of two images of her: one when she was a child and one as she is now,” Fulaleo said, according to Furia Mag. He kicked off the project with an image of Michael Jackson, which he posted on August 29 in honor of MJ’s birthday. He posted more in September, but he only has seven illustrations so far.

Check out Fulaleo’s art below:

Previously, Fulaleo has illustrated futboleros and superheroes.

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