The Wildest Vegan Award Goes to Fan Hating on Kat Von D & Leafar’s Pregnancy Announcement

Lead Photo: Kat Von D attends an influencer launch of the new Kat Von D Beauty range. Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images for Kat Von D Beauty
Kat Von D attends an influencer launch of the new Kat Von D Beauty range. Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images for Kat Von D Beauty
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Prayers frontman Leafar Seyer and makeup mogul Kat Von D aren’t shy about professing their love for one another online. Sporting a tattoo of Kat Von D’s name on his face, Leafar Seyer (a stylized rendition of the cholo goth’s real name Rafael Reyes backward) is a true ride-or-die partner. Among their affinity for one another and, of course, all things goth – from their two Sphynx cats to their matching black manicures – the couple also share a vegan lifestyle. The aesthetically aligned couple wed after just a few weeks of engagement back in February, and recently took to Instagram to announce they’re expecting a baby boy.

The couple’s pregnancy announcement received mostly positive responses, with the exception of one comment on Kat Von D’s Instagram post, the strongest contender for Reach of the Year. The Instagram user found the announcement a betrayal of the tattoo artist-turned-LA Ink reality star’s vegan lifestyle, commenting that by having a child Kat would be “undoing [her] veganism almost tenfold.”

One Twitter user pointed out the disgruntled vegan Instagrammer.

This bothered Instagram vegan e-thug should’ve done his research, however, because the couple’s vegan roots run deep. Leafar Seyer’s family opened Mexican vegan/vegetarian restaurant Pokéz in San Diego back in 1994. One of the earliest restaurants of its kind in San Diego, Leafar took over the family business in the mid-2000s before going on to form Prayers with producer Dave Parley in 2013. Just this past April, Kat’s makeup company Kat Von D Beauty offered limited edition vegan items for its 10-year anniversary collection.

Kat Von D responded defending her vegan authenticity, and warning that such brashness comes at the expense of doing harm in painting a negative understanding of vegans and veganism. “I haven’t ‘undone my veganism’ in any way,” she wrote. “If anything, I am excited about promoting a vegan pregnancy and raising an animal-rights activist. I don’t think you realize when you talk to people like that, you actually can do more harm in changing [people’s] minds towards veganism than you do in actually helping. And yes, you are entitled to your opinion. You are also more than welcome to unfollow me, too. But how about keeping your negativity off the comments of my personal Instagram account.”

Check out some of the responses to this reaching vegan call-out and the pregnancy below: