What’s happening in Puerto Rico is weighing on Walter Mercado. In a recent interview with El Nuevo Día, the celebrity astrologer explained that he feels uneasy with Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s refusal to step down.

Recently, a trove of sexist, homophobic, and offensive messages between Rosselló and his government were released to the public. For more than a week, Puerto Ricans have been protesting and demanding that he quit the office. Several times, Ricky has said he will not back down. (Today, however, several outlets have announced that his resignation is imminent.)

As a result of what’s gone done, Walter has called Ricardo stubborn and inflexible. “He can’t even go speak at a university because he won’t be well received, and he can’t leave La Fortaleza (the governor’s official residence) without police at his side…,” Mercado said. “That’s why today, I am publicly asking Mr. Rosselló to resign.”

“I am Puerto Rico,” he added. “And this is my cry of affliction, of anguish, in a very crucial moment.”

This particular moment in time has brought him pain, particularly tension in his back. He feels the suffering of his island, so he hopes that Rosselló will be reasonable and soon resign.

“For me, it would bring happiness,” he said. “I hope he leaves by the end of July, so the anguish can end. I’m praying to the patron of Puerto Rico, la Virgen de la Providencia, to help us so that we can see a clear path forward and so that Rosselló exists La Fortaleza.”

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