WATCH: Christian Nodal & Ángela Aguilar Make Concert Debut As Couple In Mexico City

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar are officially stepping out as a couple. Last night (June 11), they shared their first kisses in public while singing together at Nodal’s concert in Mexico City. 

A little over two weeks after Nodal and Cazzu, the mother of their daughter Inti, announced they had broken up, he revealed that he was in a new relationship. Nodal and Aguilar, who are both música mexicana singers, opened up about being in love. While going public with their romance, they emphasized that they became an item after Nodal’s breakup with Cazzu. 

Nodal made his first public appearance since revealing his relationship with Aguilar last night. He put on a concert at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City. Nodal brought out Aguilar as a surprise guest. The couple first performed “Por Mujeres Como Tú,” a song by Aguilar’s dad Pepe Aguilar, together. Before placing his sombrero on Aguilar’s head, Nodal told her, “I love you.” 

Nodal and Aguilar also performed the song that brought them together, “Dime Cómo Quieres.” They released the song as a duet in 2020 when Aguilar was 17 and Nodal was 21. In revealing their relationship earlier this week, Nodal and Aguilar noted that they remained close friends after that collaboration. Before singing it together at the Auditorio Nacional, Nodal asked, “Why are you so flirtatious, my love?” Aguilar responded, “Because you’re my boyfriend, Christian!” At the conclusion of their performance, they shared romantic kisses for the first time in public.

Earlier this week, Nodal reaffirmed in a video that he did not cheat on Cazzu with Aguilar. He said that his relationship with Cazzu didn’t work out and that he became romantic with Aguilar after the breakup. Tomorrow, June 13, Aguilar will release her first song since going public with Nodal called “Gotitas Saladas.”