WATCH: Did Fans Really Throw Shade at Yailin La Más Viral During Performance?

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Although rapper Yailin La Mas Viral has made it obvious that she doesn’t want to hear Karol G’s name, it seems like some people haven’t received the memo.

Earlier this week, a Venezuelan digital magazine posted a video from inside a nightclub of what looks to be one of Yailin’s concerts. Yailin’s fiancé, rapper Anuel AA, can be seen standing in the audience. Yailin, herself, is on the stage with a microphone in hand. Before she begins performing, some people in the crowd begin to chant Karol G’s name at least half a dozen times.

“This can’t be true,” the magazine commented along with the video. “These are things that only fans can do.”

Karol G, of course, is the ex-fiancée of Anuel AA. The former couple split up in early 2021, but fans held out hope that the duo would get back together, especially when Anuel AA surprised Karol on stage during a concert in Puerto Rico late last year.

Alas, a reunion wasn’t meant to be. Soon after joining Karol G on stage for her Bichota tour, Anuel AA deleted all Karol G’s photos from his Instagram account. This was around the time he started hanging out with Yailin, who he would get engaged to a few weeks later.

Anuel AA raised some eyebrows earlier this week when he posted a photo of himself and Yailin showing some public displays of affection that looked eerily similar to photos he’s taken with Karol G in the past.

While Anuel AA and Karol G seem to be over one another (a few more tattoo removals, and it’ll be official), Team Karol G doesn’t seem to be ready to let this drama die down anytime soon.