Is Yailin La Más Viral Suing People Over ‘Chismes’ About Her?

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of Instagram/@yailinlamasviralreal
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@yailinlamasviralreal
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Yailin La Más Viral has had it with all the allegedly false news about her spreading online. On Tuesday (September 13), she took to Instagram Stories to tell people that she would be getting her lawyers involved and suing anyone that gossips about her.

“Anyone who mentions my name in gossip and lies, I have to tell you that I have my team of lawyers ready and ready for what I say…the mess is over,” Yailin wrote. “Come on, I’m waiting for you.”

Yailin included a happy face emoji winking its eye, which could mean that the post is meant to be taken as a joke. 

One of the most recent rumors that has been circulating on social media is about Yailin and her husband Anuel AA possibly heading for a divorce after getting married this past summer.

Last week, Yailin caught people’s attention when she posted a cryptic message, again on Instagram Stories. “Remember that to start a new stage, you have to close another,” she wrote. “Do not be afraid to say goodbye, that is part of life.”

Earlier this year, she and Anuel AA discussed how they deal with negative comments from the public. “People only see what they see on social media,” Yailin La Más Viral told People en Español. “We are us – the same person in different bodies.”

Anuel AA added: “It’s normal now. One gets up famous and goes to bed famous. I don’t even say it, but that’s how it is.”