Nikki and Brie Garcia aka The Bella Twins

INTERVIEW: Nikki & Brie Garcia Talk Embracing Their Heritage & Saying Goodbye to The Bella Twins

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For a long time, the professional wrestling tag team Nikki and Brie Garcia were known as The Bella Twins. That’s how they became famous during their WWE days. That’s how a lot of people still know them. But something was missing from that moniker – their heritage.

Remezcla talked to Nikki and Brie Garcia about shedding the stage name and embracing their last name – Garcia, just as they get ready to turn forty and look forward to a new chapter of their lives.

“It’s been powerful,” Brie shared. “I mean, for Nikki and I, was it sad to say bye to the Bella Twins? Of course, but that’s WWE’s IP, and nothing we own. So, to just own yourself and your brand and go back to your roots, we feel so empowered.”

Plus, there’s the big birthday coming up. “We truly feel like we’re on this new chapter in our lives,” Brie added. “And, you know, it’s the perfect time of the year, just to look at Taylor Swift and see her Eras tour. We feel like we’re going through the same thing. We’re on our Eras Tour!”

Not only that, for Nikki, it was about the fact that they got to make history as the Bella Twins, and now “we’re about to walk into another decade and we can make history as the Garcia twins. And so being Latinas and representing that side, it’s such an honor and it’s time.”

The sisters, who will be hosting a new dating competition on Prime Video, Twin Love, talked about their bond in the context of a show that tries to explore dating for people, who are already born with a soulmate – their twin. “There’s a statistic out there that identical twins get married later in life compared to singulars, and I believe it because of those reasons,” Brie explained. “So, this dating show allows identical twins to understand why we do that,” and in turn, helps them find love.

For both Nikki and Brie – who are married, this was a journey they also had to go through, and one that has led them to a point in their life where they can say. “How fortunate are we that we get to rely on two people?”

And though Nikki and Brie now go by the Garcia twins, they still get people who don’t know that they are Latinas. “I feel like in this day and age, if we’re not always voicing it, people just don’t think about it or make assumptions that we are. And then it always makes me laugh that when I do talk about it, they’ll be like, oh, now you want to be Latina?” Nikki shared.

But, she added, “We were just so fortunate because we grew up with our Mexican roots. My dad brought that culture into our home. And Brie and I were raised with our Latin family, we celebrate the traditions. And my son, Mateo, is speaking Spanish already and I love it.”

Twin Love season one is now available on Prime Video.