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INTERVIEW: Dei V Talks Karol G & Bad Bunny Co-Signs & New Album ‘Quién Es Dei V?’

Photo by Jean Carlos Gonzales Batista.

Though Dei V is just getting started, his name already has co-signs from giants in the industry like Bad Bunny and Karol G. The rising Puerto Rican star has started making his way in Latine trap, and with his new album Quién Es Dei V?, he’s showing his talent isn’t limited to one genre. He explores genres like reggaeton, afrobeats, and hip-hop with features from Myke Towers, Bryant Myers, Cris MJ, and more. In an interview with Remezcla, Dei V talks about his diverse LP and how he became the next el movimiento artist to watch. 

“[This album] is a piece of art that I did with all the love that I could so my fans could enjoy it,” Dei V says. “They know that I can do everything with flavor. That’s why they f**k with my music because I always give them different flavors.”

What sets Dei V apart from the rest of the traperos is that he brings a bicultural flow to the genre. He was born David Gerardo González Juarbe in Carolina, Puerto Rico. After graduating, he moved to New York, where he became serious about making music. Dei V cites artists like De La Ghetto and Arcángel, who also have that Nuyorican flair, as inspirations. He later got his foot in the door thanks to a promising Puerto Rican rapper, who was tragically gunned down, Yeruza. Following Yeruza’s death in 2020, Dei V featured on his posthumous albums.

“It was legendary,” he recalls. “[Yeruza] was the one who got me popping. When I appeared on his album La Ruta Del Dinero, that’s when people started noticing me and Yovngchimi. Yeruza played a big part in people knowing who I am.”

From there, Dei V created buzz with his Latine trap bangers like “Dame Lu.” Bad Bunny later shared the song in his Instagram stories. He showed more love to Dei V by name-dropping him in “Vuelve Candy B” last year. “I’m so appreciative of [Bad Bunny] supporting what I do, and coming from him being the No. 1 artist, it’s crazy,” Dei V says. His career also received a huge boost when Karol G featured him on her song “Gatita Gangster.” She also brought him out as a special guest for a few stops of her Mañana Será Bonito Tour. “Karol G marks a before and after in my career,” Dei V says. “That was the song that put me on the map. I’m grateful to be a part of her album. That was the first time I sang to thousands and thousands of people.”

Karol G marks a before and after in my career. That was the song that put me on the map. I’m grateful to be a part of her album. That was the first time I sang to thousands and thousands of people.

Now Dei V is showing the world who he really is with Quién Es Dei V? He dabbles in afrobeats with Lunay in “Hot” and has a future reggaeton smash on his hands with “Rapido” featuring “Gata Only” hit-maker Cris MJ. Dei V later unleashes his swaggering flow with Myke Towers in the “Trending” remix. He also embraces his trapero roots with Bryant Myers in the addictive “Narcotics.”

“It’s just me being me and showing my fans that I can do different styles of music,” he says. “I can do everything. What I do, no one else can do it. I’m an all-around artist.”

Quién Es Dei V? is out now.