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INTERVIEW: Eslabon Armado Talks Making Música Mexicana History & New Album “Desvelado”

Courtesy of Del Records.

After making history with música mexicana, Eslabon Armado is keeping the momentum going with the new album Desvelado, which dropped last night (April 27). The Mexican-American group continues to push their sad sierreño sound to new places with features from Grupo Frontera, Jhayco, and Junior H. In an interview with Remezcla, Eslabon Armado open up about their success, their emo LP, and what’s next.

Eslabon Armado just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Last year, the guys’ previous album Nostalgia became the first regional Mexican music album to crack the top 10 of the all-genre Billboard 200 chart. This month, Eslabon Armado made history again when their viral single “Ella Baila Sola” with Peso Pluma, which became the first regional Mexican song to enter the top five of the Hot 100 chart. 

“Honestly, I feel super grateful,” Eslabon Armado’s singer Pedro Tovar tells Remezcla. “I didn’t expect the song to reach this high of a level. To reach the Hot 100 and to be the first Mexican song to do that is incredible. It’s another blessing to have another hit.”

Eslabon Armado is aiming even higher with their new album Desvelado. Like Peso Pluma, their LP features all the heavy hitters in regional Mexican music. Another act that is making the genre global is Grupo Frontera. Eslabon Armado teamed up with them for the moody norteño song “Quedate Conmigo,” their latest single. Their frequent collaborator DannyLux also returns for the emo sierreño track “Me Deceptionaste.” Junior H makes an appearance as well in “Mejor Acabar.” 

“I feel super good being part of the música mexicana explosion,” Tovar says. “It’s an incredible movement right now that our genre is reaching a whole other level that’s never been seen before. That people all over the world are listening to my music, and they’re discovering who Eslabon Armado is. It’s amazing!”

“I feel super good being part of the música mexicana explosion. It’s an incredible movement right now that our genre is reaching a whole other level that’s never been seen before.”

A surprise feature on the album is Jhayco. The Puerto Rican superstar is no stranger to regional Mexican music. In 2021, he featured on a remix of Ivan Cornejo’s hit “Está Dañada.” But there’s no hint of reggaeton on the song with Eslabon Armado. He adapts himself to the band’s alternative sierreño sound. Jhayco, who broke up with Mia Khalifa last year, sounds at home with Tovar in “Tomando Tequila” as they sing about drinking their heartbreak away. 

“I just wanted to bring more romantic and breakup songs back again because that’s my style,” Tovar says. “I feel like I’ll never leave it to do any other style or any other genre. My goal is to do collaborations with really big artists and to put our name out there in the whole world.” 

Next month, Eslabon Armado resumes its arenas tour across the U.S. On July 15, the band is headlining their own concert at the Arena in L.A. Their tour will continue to run throughout the fall. 

“We’re working harder than ever on tour,” Tovar adds. “There’s more music and more music videos on the way for sure. We want to keep up our name and our exposure and get to that level that we always wanted to.” 

Check out Desvelado below.