INTERVIEW: Young Miko Talks Accepting Herself, Anime Inspiration & Being a Queer Figure

Photo by Christopher Polk/SXSW Conference & Festivals via Getty Images.

Young Miko’s flow is unmatched. 

At just 25 years old, she has already solidified her position as one of the foremost rising stars in reggaeton, distinguished by her distinctive sound and unwavering individuality. She released her first EP, ‘Trap Kitty’ in 2022, and in just two years, she’s gained recognition from reggaeton luminaries such as Ivy Queen, Jowell y Randy, Bad Bunny, and more. 

Despite the acclaim, Young Miko remains grounded, relishing every moment of her journey without succumbing to the weight of expectation. “I don’t think, ‘Oh, I’m successful.’ I am just happy to be here, and there is still a long way to go,” Miko tells Remezcla. “I’m just enjoying the moments, the stages, and I am happy that things have turned out better than I expected.”

Miko’s passion for music permeates through her journey and performances, infusing them with a tangible energy. Yet, her impact extends far beyond her musical prowess. As one of the pioneering openly queer artists in her genre, Miko’s authenticity resonates deeply with her fans. Reflecting on her journey to self-acceptance, she shares, “I think having so many years of trying to hide who I was or compress who I was made me tired at a certain point. I realized I didn’t want to live the rest of my life that way.” She continues, “The moment I started to accept and open up, care for myself, and really accept myself was when I truly started to live.” 

“The moment I started to accept and open up, care for myself, and really accept myself was when I truly started to live.”

Attending a Young Miko concert, one cannot miss the colorful display of pride flags waving proudly in the crowd, creating a welcoming haven for LGBTQ+ attendees. Last week, Miko was honored with the Impact Award at the 2024 Billboard Women in Music event in Los Angeles, CA, where she made headlines for her acceptance speech on self-love. She said, “I try to take care of myself, and being able to love myself also means being able to take care of my people. I think you can’t love what you do or the people around you if you don’t love yourself first.”

When questioned about her role as a queer figure, Miko acknowledges the weight of the responsibility with humility, telling REMEZCLA, “I think it’s a big responsibility. It’s simple, but it’s true. Getting to understand and comprehend the fact that other people can do as they please because of something that I did, it speaks volume. I’m happy that I’m able to leave something behind.” 

Her latest mark is joining forces with McDonald’s for a one-of-a-kind collaboration with their “WcDonald’s Anime Series” campaign in partnership with the legendary animation house Studio Pierrot. This collaboration aligns perfectly with the young artist’s passion for anime, reflected in her stage name, which translates to “daughter of God” in Japanese.

Courtesy of McDonald’s
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“Being inspired by the anime world and getting to be a part of something is super cool to me,” she says. “Anything I do, I look for inspiration in anime, whether it be a visual for a video, a visual for a show, or a sound for a reference in a song. Whenever I am writing a script for a video or sending ideas, it’s filled with anime references.”

However, amidst discussions of her artistic inspirations, we couldn’t resist asking about her highly anticipated album release date, which Miko has been teasing on social media. When asked about it, the artist played coy and said, “It’s my best work yet.” 

You can watch Young Miko’s special spot with the WcDonald’s Anime Series below.