Meet Six Sex, the Queen of the Perreo Rave

Photo by Paula Montenegro for Remezcla

“Just write mocatriz: modelo, cantante y actriz,” says Argentine perreo vixen Six Sex, giggling from her Buenos Aires bedroom. The cheeky reference to Spanish camp provocateurs Ojete Calor aligns perfectly with her patented brand of sonic and aesthetic irreverence, where raunchy mutant reggaeton meets strobing rave excess. Pull up her music videos, and you’ll see long black tresses cascading down to an exposed washboard midriff, while her decked-out fingernails are longer than the barely-there skirt hems. Six Sex epitomizes the delicious, genre-voracious hedonism flourishing in underground Porteño parties, and her music produces a unique type of synesthesia where instead of seeing sounds, you actually get a strong whiff of poppers.

“Six Sex is kind of a character that comes to life through music and video,” she confides to Remezcla. “I’d love to be a guiding light for any young people who feel lost or confused, and that through my music, can be empowered to do whatever the hell they want without being judged. There’s a song on my new EP called ‘Hot and Perfect,’ and though I don’t always feel hot and perfect, the point is to confidently affirm yourself even when your hair and makeup aren’t fully done up.”

Hailing from Villa Tesei in western Buenos Aires, Six Sex is the hentai avatar of 25-year-old Francisca Agustina Cuello. While she didn’t quite aspire to pop stardom as a child, she performed living room shows for her family and — the consummate hustler — always made sure to pass around a hat for tips. She cites MTV and MuchMusic as foundational in her upbringing, with Madonna, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga kicking open a world of glossy possibilities and preparing her for paradigm-breaking stars like Arca and Björk. She started frequenting clandestine perreos at age 14 and felt an instant connection with Las Culisueltas, a kitschy troupe of young women that melded reggaeton with flashes of house and cumbia turra. Beyond discovering she could throw ass to sounds and hooks that echoed her Porteña experience, the chaotic melange of rhythms broke down any preconceptions that might have otherwise limited her libertine approach to music.

“These days, rave and perreo culture intersect often, but back when I started going out, that wasn’t the case at all,” she adds, noting the game-changing advent of Neoperreo. “I used to work at a place that only played dubstep, and there was no chance they’d ever touch perreo. Even though I can’t really palate dubstep anymore, my time there led me to SoundCloud. I started listening to mixes that were weird and special. That’s where I met Merca Bae, and then we started chatting on Instagram before eventually collaborating [in 2020] for ‘Purple.’”

EPs have enabled Six Sex to work at a less demanding and more creatively focused pace, comfortably exploring her two rhythmic passions, as well as where they intersect and transcend genre lines. 2018’s Fantasy layered coquettish vocals with gauzy deep-house and ruminant trance, while her 2022 crossover with producer La Finesse on Area 69 plunged into lurching, explicit perreo with crunchy turro synths. Last summer, she dropped another EP titled 6X, which found the rising siren deepening her reggaeton references with guest spots from Ms Nina and Mexican powerhouses like Mad Fuentes and Ghetto Kids.

I’d love to be a guiding light for any young people who feel lost or confused, and that through my music, can be empowered to do whatever the hell they want without being judged.

With truckloads of hype and whimsical versatility, Six Sex pokevolved into a hotly sought featured player. Just last year, she guested on FERMIN’s ethereal ballad “Down,” Estratosfera’s noisy experimental fever dream “Racecar,” and LSDXOXO’s bombastic nasty girl perreo “Freak No. 2.” Now she’s flexing anointed goddess status on Satisfire, a brand new EP harkening back to her throbbing club roots with an all-star cast of producers including Bbynito, Merca Bae, Tayhana, and King Doudou. Dazzling, spastic singles “Kappa Kitty Gato 2” and “4 noviosS” play out like Maria Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser headlining a vampire rave from the ’90s Blade movies. It’s wild, uproarious stuff, with exuberant visuals that echo the joyful adrenaline of terrorizing the club with your ride-or-die crew of baddies.

“I like parties that give you a full musical experience, like Hiedrah and Fractura, who foster cool, fun, and safe spaces,” she reflects. “You can find everything [in Buenos Aires]; clubs that play cachengue, cumbia, and even circuit parties. The videos [for Satisfire] are really special because the basic premise is me surrounded by my friends as we go into the night. Even though everything is staged, it’s not fake at all. We didn’t have a styling team; everyone just got dolled up as if they were actually going to the club. We looked divine. Just a gang of mostras y reinas de la noche.”

Satisfire arrives ahead of Six Sex’s upcoming appearance at CDMX’s buzzy Festival Ceremonia, which will kick off an extensive tour through Mexico. Following multiple performances around the country last fall – and one particularly euphoric show alongside Spanish teen rap star Bb trickz – Six Sex hopes to continue strengthening a profound bond with Mexican audiences that surprised no one more than her.

“It was the first time I came on stage, and everyone knew the songs,” she recalls of her November show with Bb trickz. “That night was incredible, and the audience response was stronger than shows I’ve had in Argentina. At that moment, I really felt the growth of this project. The whole experience was mind-blowing because, from Argentina, we see Mexico as this distant, fabled land. And there I was, having Dr. Simi thrown at me and crowded by fans asking me to sign their breasts and asses. I was ecstatic. I can’t wait to go back.”

Photography: Paula Montenegro
Stylist: Delfos
Hair & Makeup: Fran Canosa
Photo Assist: Yazmin Quiroga
Creative Director: Alan López
Director of Talent Relations & Executive Producer: Joel Moya
Special thanks to 1000% Agencia (Kevin Stabholz & Delfina)