Here’s What Tijuana’s Mint Field Will Be Listening to On the Road to Coachella

It’s a serious thing for a band of any age to play at a festival as big as Coachella, but it’s something else altogether when the artist is as young and full of enthusiasm as Mint Field.

The shoegaze trio has been around since 2014, and according to bassist Andrés Corella, his bandmates Estrella Sánchez and Amor Amezcua had only played their instruments for a short period of time prior to forming. Their learn-as-you-go approach has been integral to the development of their charismatic sound, which hearkens back to 80s lo-fi bands flipping the script on post-punk – it’s intimate and vulnerable, but unafraid of rocking out. All three members of the band sing, something that makes them unique, especially when they perform live. They even got a shoutout from Carla Morrison, who shrewdly pointed out that most outlets had hailed her as the only Mexican act playing the festival.

Although they have been around for a short period of time, Mint Field have been conquering every stage they set foot on, including All My Friends Festival and Viva Pomona. It’s probably a combination of these things that have made them stand out, although it’s safe to say that they will not be happy until they become festival regulars across the world.

Their journey is only beginning, so we sat down with the trio before they make their historic trip to Indio. Even if you’re not heading to Coachella this weekend, be sure to check out this road trip playlist, curated by Mint Field themselves.

How are you prepping for your performance at Coachella?
We are practicing on a daily basis and mentally preparing ourselves for the festival. This is our first time playing on such a big stage and we are very excited for the show and for what’s to come next. We can’t wait to play.

What do you hope it will mean for Mint Field to play at such a big festival? Will your future plans include world domination?
We think of this as a surreal accomplishment that will give us the opportunity to learn a lot. It’s like walking up a stairway and suddenly finding yourself against the biggest step yet. And no, we politely decline to get into the world domination thing.

Do you think this will help shine a light on Tijuana’s music scene?
Yes, it is the first time that an independent band from the region plays this festival. We feel honored for somehow representing a bit of the things that are happening in our hometown. Tijuana is a very active and eclectic city when it comes to art. There are definitely a lot of projects that deserve attention.

What was the criteria for choosing the songs on your road trip playlist?
It is mostly a mix of things that we’ve been listening to lately. It features music from some of our friends’ projects like Grenda, Vaya Futuro, and Nelson y Los Filisteos, as well as some of our major influences, like Cocteau Twins, Brian Eno, and Broadcast.

Catch Mint Field’s set at Coachella on Sunday, April 17 or Sunday, April 24.