Sech Reaches His Dream in Puerto Rico With 3 Sold-Out Shows at El Choli

Photo by Luis Alejandro Marquez "Vomba."

This past weekend (April 8-10), Sech debuted a series of three sold-out concerts in Puerto Rico’s biggest venue, the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum, or “El Choli,” as it’s more commonly known amongst locals. With 45,000 tickets sold, he became the foreign el movimiento artist with the most tickets sold at this venue. Descending from a rocketship to a 360-degree stage, democratizing the show to allow everybody to see and with a live band and grand piano, Sech delivered an incredible opening-night concert that lasted almost two hours. Performing many past and recent songs, such as “Si Te Vas” and “Borracho,” the Panamanian star kept people on their feet and dancing from beginning to end. 

When he announced the name of these concerts, “Mi Sueño,” Sech mentioned how significant it was for him to perform at El Choli. This is the same excitement non-Puerto Rican performers like Karol G and El Alfa have expressed when they also performed at the venue during their tours. In el movimiento, there is this belief that putting on a show at El Choli means that you made it — if you make it there, you could make it anywhere. Great pillars of the genre like Daddy Yankee, Wisin & Yandel, Arcángel, and many others have sold out multiple concerts there and contributed to the resignification of this space as one of the biggest goals for a reggaetón artist. For Sech to have sold out three shows that the Puerto Rican public — whom notoriously can be very hard to impress when it comes to reggaeton — genuinely value him and his music. 

Sech kept the audience engaged throughout the night with simplicity: pure talent and great music. He kicked off the show playing the grand piano for the song “Otro Trago” and brought out an acoustic guitar for other tracks. Later, he included a drum battle with his brother, which ended with a plenero (a percussion instrument used in Plena, a traditional music genre from Puerto Rico) and people shouting, “Yo soy Boricua, pa’ que tú lo sepas.”

Although he took that moment to give Puerto Rico its due, it’s equally notable how Sech takes pride in representing Panama, with flags displayed all over the visuals and sharing the stage with fellow Panamanian artists like Mach and Nando Boom. There was a special thrill in seeing these artists perform at El Choli when considering the arc of reggaetón’s origins. The connection, acceptance, and joy that the crowd projected when these artists came onstage confirmed the deep appreciation of their historical contributions that led to this moment.

Using visuals, he revealed a narrative of his life in Panama, the struggles he had to overcome, and what motivated him to hustle to get to where he is, what it took to conquer his dream. Sech’s inclusion in the reggaetón world is very significant and necessary. Panama’s Spanish reggae is one of the most influential elements in the creation of reggaetón, and he is a Black man representing and succeeding in an Afro-Caribbean music genre that is essentially Black yet is white-washed by the minute. Sech represents the essence and sense of belonging of this music. 

Photo by Luis Alejandro Marquez “Vomba.”
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A fan who attended the concert, Norangely Feliciano, concurred that the storytelling elements about his life and tribulations were a unique addition that made the night feel even more personal. “The story about the stolen speakers was really sad; it kept me wanting more. I wanted to know how he continued to pursue his dream,” she shares. Feliciano also attended his first show in Puerto Rico at a smaller venue, which, at the moment, allowed her to contrast and recognize the singer’s growth in the years since. 

There was no doubt left in his devoted fan’s minds that Sech cares about providing the best experience possible, and he did not let go to waste his first opportunity to headline at such an iconic venue. It was a night when the past and future of reggaetón intersected in ways that, unfortunately, don’t happen often enough. But the crowd’s thrilled reception hopefully opens the door for more artists to embrace the idea of a more inclusive genre. And for Sech, after dominating this stage, he’s proved his role in the current sphere of talent and can start dreaming even bigger than before.