35 Reggaetón Romántico Tracks To Woo Your Valentine on the Dance Floor

Take it from me: nothing says “I love you” like perreo. Doctors know reggaetón romántico is good for the soul, soothing mal de amores, and wooing your partner on the dance floor. For our Valentine’s Day playlist this year, we decided to give a little love to the sensi reggaetoneros, whose honeyed dembow should do the trick just as well as your abuelos’ boleros and bachatas.

There are nods to the romantiqueo of the old school here, like the dancehall coos of Baby Rasta & Gringo, or the sad boy reggaeton of De La Ghetto’s “Dices.” Check the wifi-powered, long-distance puppy love of Tomasa Del Real and Talisto’s “Tu Señora,” one of our favorite songs of 2016. Suck on the candy-coated flirtations of Coral Casino’s “Amor de Chocolate.” Farruko, Shaggy, and Nicky Jam’s luminous “Sunset” was made to brood over faraway boos who live near tropical waters.

Forget about that adult baby you’re seeing and engage full thot mode. Or use these 35 smoothie jams to charm your future lover en la pista.

Stream the playlist via Apple Music below: