Bad Bunny’s ‘Bullet Train’ Poster Gives Us More Clues About His Character

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube
Courtesy of Youtube
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Bad Bunny looks like a really bad dude on his character poster for the upcoming action flick Bullet Train; which was part of a collection of new character posters released by Sony Pictures on Wednesday (July 22).

On the poster, Bad Bunny is dressed in a stylish white coat and pants. The coat features stitched, black foliage and arrow designs. He is also wearing a black shirt, a big belt buckle, a black boutonnière, a bolo tie with a silver wolf ornamental fastening, and a pair of aviator glasses. His curly hair is cascading on his forehead, and his neck is covered with the word “venganza.”

The background behind Bad Bunny is also patterned with images of red roses and foliage, black wolves, knives, and Santa Muerte, a folk saint in Catholicism, which we can assume is part of his character’s background because nothing is a coincidence.

In Bullet Train, Bad Bunny plays Wolf, a Mexican assassin with a vendetta against Brad Pitt’s character named Ladybug. In the first trailer released in March, Bad Bunny is seen fighting Ladybug on a high-speed rail in Japan. His weapon of choice is a big blade. Wolf is one of the many people on the train trying to get their hands on a briefcase that Ladybug is carrying.

And as much as we’d like to believe that he chose his character’s stylish outfit, he didn’t. This means that this is part of the character’s personality. Wolf doesn’t care if he stands out. He’s got a job to complete and revenge on his mind. And if he goes down, he’s going to do it in style and while looking good.

Bullet Train, of course, isn’t Bad Bunny’s only movie role hitting the big screen. The superstar was cast as Marvel superhero El Muerto for an upcoming film. “It’s huge,” he said on The View last month. “It’s amazing. I’m very confused. Like, really? I’m going to be part of the Marvel Universe.”