Here’s What People Are Saying About Bad Bunny in ‘Bullet Train’ Trailer

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube
Courtesy of Youtube
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Bad Bunny’s stock is rising in Hollywood, and there are plenty of opinions on how the reggaeton superstar will fare working in another segment of the entertainment industry.

On Wednesday, the first trailer for the action-comedy Bullet Train was released and features the rapper playing an assassin who boards a Japanese high-speed train where he gets into an all-out, bloody brawl with Oscar winner Brad Pitt (Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood) for a valuable briefcase.

Most fans are well aware of how Bad Bunny likes to dabble in different industries outside of music – from footwear to fashion to pro wrestling, so it’s really not a surprise that movies were next on his to-do list. He already has some acting experience on his résumé with his role in the third and final season of Narcos: Mexico. As prolific of an entertainer as he is, many people are wondering if there is anything Bad Bunny can’t do.



Some are suggesting that Bad Bunny’s pro wrestling training over the last couple of years probably benefited him for a fight to the death with Pitt in their upcoming movie. Even World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) chimed in to warn Pitt that Bad Bunny is a formidable force, even outside the recording studio.



There were still, however, haters among the online community who didn’t find Bad Bunny’s casting as impressive as his fans. Maybe they’ll still go see Bullet Train for the other actors who star in it like Pitt, Sandra Bullock (The Heat) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass), but El Conejo Malo wasn’t a draw for them.


Others didn’t mind confessing that there is only one reason they’ll be at the theater opening weekend to see Bullet Train.



Bullet Train premieres in movie theaters on July 15, 2022.