This Former ‘Rebelde’ Star Is Playing Luis Miguel in Upcoming TV Series

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Rebelde Oficial Facebook page
Courtesy of Rebelde Oficial Facebook page
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Just as mom’s across the Spanish-speaking world had finished dusting their CDs to listen to their beloved Luismi after the recent announcement of an upcoming TV series, more news have surfaced about the specifics of this highly-anticipated episodic production.

With direct involvement from El Sol himself, the Telemundo/Netflix project is considered the “official” bio-series about the life of the famed singer who has captivated audiences both because of his artistic talent and secret private life. This week, Gato Grande Productions, the company producing the TV show, announced that Mexican singer-actor Diego Boneta will be the one to bring a younger Luis Miguel to the screen. Besides seeming like the correct choice because of his musical talent, this could also work as a way to bridge the generational gap.

Younger viewers, who might not be as familiar with El Sol’s shiny career, might instead remember running back home from school to catch the latest episode of the hit teen novela Rebelde, in which Boneta starred. Added to this, his appeal works on a bilingual level given that the actor has recently appeared on hit shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Scream Queens, and 90210, where his handsome looks crossed over to the Spanish-impaired viewership. His most notable movie title to date is the musical comedy Rock of Ages.

Although Boneta’s two albums Diego and Indigo didn’t sells as many copies as anything Luismi releases, he has continued to expand his musical talents with English-language singles such as The Hurt, The Warrior, or Ur Love. Perhaps embodying the iconic mom whisperer (Yes, Luis Miguel is the Latina mom whisperer) will give him the chance to prove he can be a double threat as a performer.

Fans in Latin America and Spain will be able to sing along when Luis Miguel, the Series premieres on Netflix in 2018, and those in the US will have to watch on Telemundo.