‘Drag Race México’ Episode 2 Recap: Quinceañeras, Rojstar & the First Eliminated Queen

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This is our weekly mini recap of Drag Race Mexico by Lucas Villa. Sashay, shantay, your ultimate source for a bite-sized dive into each episode of the current season. Whether you’re a devoted fan craving more context or just someone needing to catch up, we’ve got you covered. Join us every week (here ) as we touch on the looks, challenges, and touching moments. And spoilers, of course, from epic lip-sync battles to shocking eliminations.  

On Drag Race México this week, the show celebrated a hallmark in Mexican culture: La quinceañera. The 11 drag queens competing for the title of “Mexico’s Next Drag Superstar” were tasked with making their own quinceañera dresses. Co-hosts Valentina and Lolita Banana also decided which queen would become the first to sashay away from the competition.

The second episode opened on a very Mexican note when the drag queens entered the Werk Room singing “La Draga-racha,” their own version of the Mexican folk song “La Cucaracha.” Valentina and Lolita Banana followed that up by informing them that this week’s challenge was a sewing one. They were tasked with making a quinceañera dress using party supplies.

Later on, the clique “Las Estelares” was formed with Gala Varo, Regina Voce, and Cristian Peralta. They became worried about not knowing how to sew, especially Gala Varo, who experienced a breakdown in the Werk Room. Luckily, Margaret y Ya helped her through that difficult moment showing the comradery that keeps our communities going.  

Afterward, Mexican social media star Rojstar was revealed as the special guest this week to be joining the judging panel alongside Valentina, Lolita Banana, and Óscar Madrazo. The 11 drag queens stomped the runway into very colorful and innovative quinceañera dresses in hopes of impressing the judges.

It was amazing to see what they pulled together from the materials you would find at a quince. Gala Varo and Regina Voce survived the challenge by being declared safe while last week’s winner Cristian Peralta ended up at the top for her 2000s-inspired look. Valentina called her “Paris Queer-ton.” Lolita Banana then raised a toast to Argennis, who won the challenge with her dress that was sculpted with plastic cups and was a perfect blend of the materials provided and the overall theme of quinceañera.

The judges also commended Margaret y Ya on moving from the bottom last week into the top three.

Unfortunately, Vermelha Noir and Miss Vallarta once again ended up in the bottom three with Serena Morena. Miss Vallarta lip-synced for a second time against Serena Morena to Alejandra Guzmán’s classic “Mírala, Míralo.” In the beginning, Miss Vallarta playfully pretended to walk off before returning to the stage.

This lip-sync was a big improvement from last week when none of the queens knew the words. Both contestants channeled La Reina Del Rock, but Serena Morena eventually emerged victorious. That made Miss Vallarta the first queen to be eliminated this season. 

Drag Race México streams new episodes every Thursday on Wow Presents Plus. In the meantime, check out the teaser for episode 3 with special guest Danna Paola below!