‘Drag Race México’ Episode 8 Recap: Denim Extravaganza, Lucha Libre, & Rosalía

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This is our weekly mini recap of Drag Race Mexico by Lucas Villa. Sashay, shantay, your ultimate source for a bite-sized dive into each episode of the current season. Whether you’re a devoted fan craving more context or just someone needing to catch up, we’ve got you covered. Join us every week (here) as we touch on the looks, challenges, and touching moments. And spoilers, of course, from epic lip-sync battles to shocking eliminations.

The competition heated up on episode 8 of Drag Race México! This time around the queens were tasked with another design challenge and two of the frontrunners went head-to-head in a lip sync. As for the judging panel, co-hosts Valentina and Lolita Banana were joined by Óscar Madrazo and Mexican actress Mabel Cadena, who recently starred in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

For this week’s mini-challenge, the five remaining queens dragged up luchador masks. They also stepped into a wrestling ring to live out their Lucha Libre fantasies. The queens then did a photo shoot where they pretended to wrestle with a member of the Pit Crew. He was struck with a fake glass bottle, a wooden chair, and even a table.

The ones who got into the spirit of the challenge the most were Cristian Peralta and Lady Kero, with the latter emerging victorious.

Later on, Lolita Banana informed the queens about the Maxi Challenge, which was Denim Eleganza Extravaganza. They had to create gala-ready outfits using clothing provided by Levi’s.

In the Werk Room, the queens talked about how the women in their lives inspired their drag. Lady Kero revealed that she was forced to become a caretaker for her grandmother at 10 years old. And she also shared an emotional moment with Cristian Peralta when they opened up about being sexually assaulted while they were caretakers. The rest of the queens embraced and comforted their two sisters who had gone through those traumatic experiences. 

Over on the runway, the queens slayed the challenge with their creative designs.

Gala Varo in Drag Race Mexico Episode 8
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Gala Varo was especially praised for the complex construction of her dress, which was compared to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s denim look at the 2001 American Music Awards. Matraka also received great remarks from the judging panel for her fast-forward aesthetic. She blended elements of Chola culture with haute couture in her standout look. 

In a surprise twist, Lady Kero, Cristian Peralta, and Regina Voce were declared to be safe.

Instead of an elimination this week, Gala Varo and Matraka lip-synced for the win to the viral hit “Bizcochito” by Spanish pop star Rosalía. Both queens appeared to have a blast playing off of each other during the fierce performance. In the end, Matraka won the lip-sync and earned her third Maxi Challenge win.

matraka in Drag Race Mexico Episode 8
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All five queens will be moving on to the next episode. 

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If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual abuse or assault, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.