EXCLUSIVE: Chinese-Puerto Rican Ana Yi Puig Faces ‘Goosebumps’ Horror Classic in Clip from Reboot

Lead Photo: Credit: Disney/David Astorga
Credit: Disney/David Astorga
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Is there anything scarier than walking alone into a dark and dusty basement? That’s the situation that first-generation Chinese-Puerto Rican actress Ana Yi Puig finds herself in during an exclusive preview for the rebooted Goosebumps series on Disney+.

The upcoming series, inspired by author R.L. Stine’s bestselling books, follows a group of five teens who investigate the death of another teen from three decades earlier. They also discover dark secrets about their parents. The original, live-action Goosebumps ran for four seasons from 1995 to 1998 on Fox Kids and the Cartoon Network.

In the new clip, Puig’s character, Isabella, walks down some stairs into a shadowy basement. She calls out (“Hello?”) to see if anyone (or anything) is waiting for her below. Isabella slowly continues her descent into the basement where dim, blueish light is coming from the horizontal windows.

Is Isabella going to be this curious throughout the entire series because we’re already scared for her. Once inside the basement, she walks over to a table covered in random objects. Suddenly, she hears someone whisper her name. She looks behind her but doesn’t see anyone.

The voice says her name again, but Isabella doesn’t seem fazed. She looks down at the table and sees a creepy, white mask laying there. “You deserve to be seen,” the voice says. “Just put me on.” Isabella picks up the mask and puts it on.

If this specific episode plays out like the original 1993 Stein book “The Haunted Mask” or the 1995 episode from the original TV series of the same name, Isabella is about to go through some things. Stein thinks the episode is one of the best adaptations of his work, so the rebooted series definitely has a lot to live up to.

The new Goosebumps series premieres October 13, 2023, on Disney+ and Hulu. The first two episodes will also air on Freeform that same day as part of the network’s “31 Nights of Halloween” programming.