‘Jane the Virgin’s Final Season Will Have a Late Start

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the CW
Courtesy of the CW
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Jane the Virgin‘s had its ups and downs over the last four seasons, all of which culminated with a shocking season finale we can’t stop talking about (or theorizing on). Last month, it was confirmed that the fifth season of the series would be its last and now we’ve learned that the CW is planning to make you wait for it.

Despite the last four seasons all premiering in either September or October, the network announced Jane’s final season will debut sometime mid-season. Based on previous mid-season shows look for it be sometime in early 2019 though nothing definite has been confirmed.

This isn’t particularly surprising if you look at the grand history of the show. In 2017, the series moved from its previous mid-week time slot to Fridays where it was the follow-up to the popular Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Many saw the Friday move as an attempt to phase the show out, and despite a season-high boost this year with Gina Rodriguez’s directorial debut, the series has only done decently in the ratings. With the show entering its farewell season the CW will want audiences to be clamoring to find out what happens, drawing that out, and getting as much of a ratings uptick as they can, so the mid-season move makes sense, even if it is incredibly frustrating.