When the action-comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled by Fox, audiences were understandably upset. Some, with the benefits of big names, went on social media to declare that the show should be saved. Superfans like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Guillermo del Toro were just two who tweeted about saving the show and after two days NBC came in to pick up the series for another season.

As a thank-you, Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Dan Goor hoped to get all the celebs who helped bring back the show to appear on the series and now it looks like Broadway impresario Miranda is making his debut at the stationhouse. Miranda will be playing David Santiago, the brother of Melissa Fumero‘s character, Amy. Right now he’s set to appear in just one episode, entitled “The Golden Child” airing on March 7.

Miranda is becoming the go-to get for guest starring roles on television series. Not only has he appeared on the likes of Drunk History, he’s also regularly lending his voice to the Disney animated series, DuckTales. Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to draw in some amazing Latinx guest stars. It’s amazing to see the devotion given to the series and that the creators are taking the time to reward those who helped (even if it’s just the celebrities who did it). Last year, Gina Rodriguez popped in as a love interest for Stephanie Beatriz’s Rosa Diaz. And just in the last week both Beatriz and Fumero’s episode of the Netflix series One Day at a Time dropped, taking them out of their cop uniforms and into new mediums.

You can see Lin-Manuel Miranda on Brooklyn Nine-Nine March 7, 2019.