Meet Okane, the New Elite Way Student in ‘Rebelde’ Season 2

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Okane is coming to Rebelde Season 2, and if the first look picture is to be believed, he’s bringing something different to Elite Way School. The new character, who will be played by Youtuber and influencer Saak Figueroa, was first announced only a couple of weeks ago, but the official Rebelde Instagram account didn’t make fans wait long for the first look at his vibe.

In the captions, the official Rebelde account also invites fans to guess his personality in one emoji. That’s a tall order, even considering the distinct look, but Saak Figueroa has already been very clear about what emoji he thinks would fit. Fire. 


He’d already said so when he announced his casting on his personal Instagram, with the caption “El EWS va a arder” or “EWS will catch fire,” but he reinforced it as he commented on the official Instagram picture saying more or less the same, fire emoji included. We’re still not sure what kind of fire, but we can admit we’re curious to find out. 

Rebelde, the revival of the original Mexican telenovela, has been well received by audiences and critics alike and has already been renewed for Season 2. Not much is known about the season, other than we can expect the same new faces to join Figueroa’s Okane. 

Well, that, and that some of the original stars of Rebelde would probably love to come back as much as fans would love to have them. And who knows, as Season 1 has made it clear, anything is possible in Elite Way School.