TRAILER: The ‘Club de Cuervos’ Futbol Team Has a Woman President in Season 2

If there’s one thing we learned from season 1 of Club de Cuervos it’s that Isabel Iglesias (played by Mariana Treviño) is not to be messed with. After all, at the end of last season she was ballsy enough to orchestrate the ousting of her brother Salvador “Chava” Iglesias Jr. (Luis Gerardo Méndez) as the president of Los Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo. And if the trailer for the second season of the Michael Lam and Gaz Alazraki Spanish-language series is anything to go by, we’re in for a quite a ride with a woman president.

The opening moments of the trailer amp up the drama, marking Isabel’s takeover as the central narrative engine behind the upcoming season. Very quickly though, we’re shown how her decision-making (including making her husband head coach) will wreak havoc on the team.

“If we lose any match,” she tells her players, “we won’t pay you the entire month.” Can this ruthless leadership prevail with the rambunctious crowd of Los Cuervos? And while we don’t get many locker room scenes (you know, the ones that made the rounds when you binge-watched all of season one), we do get a lot of shots of Isabel ruling with an ironclad fist—and, in one instance, with the help of a fork!

And if you’re already wondering what the hell Chava is up to and how his hilarious rich-boy antics will factor into this season, you’re not alone. Indeed, the most hilarious moments of the trailer come courtesy of Hugo Sánchez (Jesús Zavala) looking everywhere for his former boss. His plans include cycling down the street with a loudspeaker asking anyone if they’ve seen Chava and plastering the city with “Have you seen this guy?” fliers. Little does he know that those signs may not be all that helpful seeing as Chava has apparently spent his time growing a beard and looking like a Castaway extra. But you have to give it to Méndez, he manages to pull that off quite well.

Club de Cuervos season two drops on Netflix December 9, 2016.