We Finally Have a Premiere Date for ‘One Day at a Time’ Season 4

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix
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One Day at a Time fans: We know the wait has been terrible, but we’ll soon see the Alvarezes again. After Netflix canceled the series and Pop picked it up, we hadn’t heard many details surrounding the fourth season.

But during this week’s Vulture Festival, we learned the 13-episode season debuts March 2020. This comes just weeks after Mike Royce shared exciting news via Twitter. Alongside an image of a sign that read “One Day at a Time Writers Offices,” Royce wrote, “We start Wednesday. It’s honestly still hard for me to believe that we get to do this again.” As expected, fans celebrated the news.

Despite the recent announcement, we still don’t know what to expect in the upcoming season. (Undoubtedly, we’ll see more of Elena being awkward, Lydia being dramatic and more heartwarming family moments.) We do know that the cast and crew welcome the transition to a standard television schedule. (Netflix released all episodes of ODAAT at once.)

“We get to have a breath between each episode,” show creator Gloria Calderón Kellett said. The hope is the shorter production schedule and weekly rollouts will help audiences’ engage with the series better and give them the opportunity to be more topical. Already, One Day has been praised for its looks at the LGBTQ community and immigration.

The biggest surprise for the cast is the insertion of commercials, which shocked Rita Moreno.

And while the viewing experience will slightly differ, this move will also hopefully give the show an opportunity for more awards consideration down the line. Calderón Kellett and crew had to pay for their own Emmy promotion while on Netflix. About a year ago, they flew a plane to promote Justina Machado. Here’s hoping One Day at a Time cleans up at the 2021 Emmys.

One Day at a Time airs on Pop TV March 2020.