‘This Fool’ Renewed by Hulu for Second Season — Here’s What We Know

Lead Photo: Hulu
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The Hulu Original comedy series This Fool has been renewed for a 10-episode second season.

The first season premiered on Hulu this past August and also included 10 episodes. The half-hour series is based on the life and stand-up career of comedian and co-creator Chris Estrada.

Set in South Central Los Angeles, Estrada stars as Julio Lopez, a 30-year-old who doesn’t have his life together. Julio works at a nonprofit organization called Hugs Not Thugs where they rehabilitate former gang members. When he welcomes his cousin and ex-convict Luis (Frankie Quinones) to move in with him and his family, things become complicated – and hilarious.

“I wanted the show to unapologetically be what it is,” Estrada told the L.A. Times this past summer. “I want it to unapologetically feel Black and Latino. I wanted it at the same time to unapologetically feel Mexican, and a specific kind of Mexican. I’m not second generation and my mom’s a janitor. She just retired. I wanted to unapologetically be honest about those facets of my life.”

Even before the announcement of a second season for This Fool, fans were already demanding it on social media. “This Fool on Hulu is too damn funny. I need a Season 2 please!” wrote one Twitter user.

Another fan was happy to see more representation on TV. “This Fool on Hulu was so f—ing funny dude…Seeing a Latino comedian have their own show on Hulu is amazing. I hope it gets the praise it deserves so we can get a season 2.”

This Fool did a lot of things right in its debut season. Here’s to the cast and crew having a great time producing Season 2.