TRAILER: ‘Diary of a Future President’ Imagines the Life of a Latina Tween Who Grows Up to Be POTUS

Lead Photo: Photo by Christopher Willard. Courtesy of Disney+.
Photo by Christopher Willard. Courtesy of Disney+.
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Gina Rodriguez is out there developing projects for all the streaming services, whether that’s her role in the upcoming HBO Max movie Bobbie Sue or her role as director, producer, and star on the new Disney+ series, Diary of a Future President. The ten-episode series follows newcomer Tess Romero as Cuban-American girl Elena Cañero-Reed as she navigates the harsh world of middle school on her way to becoming the future president of the United States (played by Rodriguez).

The first trailer lays out this plotline in a way that feels very reminiscent of other popular Disney series, like Lizzie McGuire. Rodriguez is introduced first, showing Elena’s future and going back into the past through the reading of her middle school diary: “It’s a day-by-day account of how I got here,” says grown Elena. Elena introduces her brother Bobby (Charlie Bushnell), her mother Gabby (Selenis Levya), her best friend and her first crush. The previous also touches on several of the different plots that will affect her in the first season, whether that’s buying a bra or meeting Gabby’s new boyfriend.

As young Elena “tries to stay afloat in these tumultuous middle-school waters” the trailer alludes that she’ll have to learn to navigate constant change and find her “new normal” with the help of her friends and family. It’s not a spoiler, but all of these will help Elena achieve her dreams and help inspire the dreams of others.

Diary of a Future President looks perfectly suited for Disney’s audiences, with its mix of issues actually affecting young girls (bra shopping, issues with appearances) and reminding them to reach for the stars. This doesn’t look to be Rodriguez’s show, but she seems to be a great conduit by which to prove what a stellar actress Romero is.

Diary of a Future President starts streaming January 17, 2020 on Disney+.